Seth Tanner


"What's your plan for tomorrow? Are you a leader or will you follow? Are you a fighter or will you cower? It's our time to take back the power." - The Interrupters


I’ve been doing campaigns since I was a sophomore in high school, making phone calls for my local Congressman. I’ve worked at the Democratic National Committee, Governor Richardson’s Presidential Campaign, Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 campaign, among others. I also serve as Executive Director of Democratic GAIN.

First Job

Bagging groceries at a local independent grocery store.

Career Highlights

Developed and manage a seven state multi-million-dollar voter contact budget for the 2016 cycle. Managed data and technology programs and processes for the largest-ever Senate campaign by money spent. Grew College Democrats of America by leaps and bounds in the 2004 cycle, increasing chapter membership 267% and individual membership 3,600% (yes, comma, not a period in that number).


Friends and family that our change helps.

Proudest Moment

During my first campaign job—while just starting my senior year of high school—I put together a research document about claims by an incumbent Republican Member of Congress regarding her effectiveness in office. That document ended up creating the headline “Johnson Ad Inaccurate” in her hometown newspaper. She was reportedly very upset with this. And that’s when I decided I wanted to make a career of making a lot of Republicans very upset.

Perfect Day

A Democrat wins an office previously held by a Republican.

Favorite Sport/sports Team



Redding, Connecticut


The George Washington University