Andy Bilyk

Vice President

“Pay it forward”

Field Work On Federal And Local Races, Campaign Manager On Several State Legislative Races In Virginia And Florida.


Field work on federal and local races, campaign manager on several state legislative races in Virginia and Florida.

First Job

Painting houses (mostly exterior) during the summer

Career Highlights

Getting my friend elected National Honor Society Class President; managing two hard-working first-time candidates in Virginia who ran for all the right reason.

Guiding Principles

Treat others the way they would want to be treated and the way I would like to be treated.


Working on the side of the people who don’t get enough influence or voice in our political system

Giving Back

Trying to raise awareness about ending genocide

Favorite Sport/sports Team

Xavier Musketeers Men’s Basketball

Favorite Food

Crabs, chicken wings, and Graeter’s ice cream


Fort Wayne, IN


Xavier University