Amy Pritchard

Strategic Partner

First Job

My first job outside of babysitting was in my local fish market. My first paid political job was at the Massachusetts State House helping to organize a memorial to President Kennedy.

Career Highlights

I’ve had lots of wins and losses over the years – I think being part of winning the Gay Marriage fight in Maine after decades working on LGBT rights there was pretty high on my list of victories. Training is my favorite thing to do so anytime I get to do it is a highlight.

Guiding Principles

Karma – doing good comes back to you. Treat people kindly, be generous with your time and experience (see: Giving Back) I believe everything is connected and that political leadership affects everything I care about – domestically and globally. I feel so lucky to make a living doing what I believe it and try to be as purposefully impactful as possible.


Hillary Clinton (#STILLWITHHER) and Barack Obama. Nelson Mandela and Aloyise Inyumba (ask me about her someday)…and my Mom.

Giving Back

I launched Democratic GAIN in 2004 and continue to dedicate a significant amount of time towards keeping it going. It help’s people find work, networks, and move up the ladder in our progressive and Democratic political world and brings much Karma. I’m a founding member and long time advisory council member of WIN I especially love connecting young women in DC. My latest passion project is the launch of a new non-profit called Global GAIN – one part spin off of Democratic GAIN – but more focus on promoting women’s political leadership & networking globally – starting in Rwanda & The DRC. I support an orphanage in Beni, DRC called DRC Home – run by a woman named Monique Kabugho Murandya who is also a candidate for office if they would ever hold elections and work on making it sustainable over the long haul.

Favorite Song

One? So hard…It makes me cry so it is hard to listen to but I have to say “Fight Song” right now. More upbeat: “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Favorite Band

Pearl Jam.

Favorite Sport/sports Team

All Boston all the time.


Yoga/Scuba Diving/Travel shopping for textiles & home design.




Emmanuel College & American University

Favorite Color

Black & Indigo