Adnaan Muslim


“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”


That look in my children’s eyes that I could never adequately describe in words.

Giving Back

To do as much good for people as possible–without telling anyone about it (just like my grandfather did before me).

Proudest Moment

It’s a tie between the day Sofia was born and the day Lily was born.

Perfect Day

A day that begins and ends with my daughters smiling and laughing. Also, any day that ends with a victory speech that I helped write.

Favorite Song

Oh God, do I have to pick one? Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain by the Grateful Dead.

Favorite Band


Favorite Sport/sports Team

I am a Jets, Mets and Knicks fan…so you know I am both loyal and someone who can take a beating.


Long walks, traveling, sports

Guiding Principles

Do as much good as you can with as much passion, enthusiasm and energy as you’ve got to give. Never make a decision based on money–unless it’s to maximize your clients’ needs. Collaboration and creativity go a lot further than the alternative. Never leave anything on the field and help your work family however you can, whenever you can. “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” (That’s a quote from my favorite song.)

Career Highlights

Celebrating Elizabeth Warren becoming the first woman elected statewide to federal office in Massachusetts history. I watched Obama’s 2012 victory speech on the morning of my birthday with Elizabeth and a few of our closest friends. I had gotten a call earlier in the evening telling me that a client running in my hometown (Sean Patrick Maloney) had also won, so that was amazing.

First Job

Selling programs at Army football games which I quickly learned is a lot tougher than selling popcorn.


Former Partner and VP at Mission Control. I have also served as Creative Director, Accounts Director and Coffee Maker (okay, my first office doubled as the kitchenette).