LCV Montana Vote-by-Mail Program

“VBM applications… impressively generated a 17.2% response rate…”

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is consistently at the cutting edge of campaign tactics, smartly layering door-to-door engagement, direct mail, digital advertising and other modes of communication. In the 2018 Montana U.S. Senate race, we helped LCV conduct a vote-by-mail (VBM) program to re-elect Jon Tester. The first phase of the program sent three VBM applications to over 100,000 targets. The applications impressively generated a 17.2% response rate, thanks to official-looking designs, local imagery and pre-filled forms to facilitate ease of response. The second phase of the program utilized 60,000 VBM chase pieces after the state ballots had dropped, reminding voters to return their ballot. Overall, the VBM program sent over 300,000 pieces of mail to Montana voters, contributing to Jon Tester’s narrow victory.