Janet Cruz


Beating a Republican incumbent despite being outspent by $2 million.

Early polling showed Democratic House Minority Leader Janet Cruz trailing incumbent State Senator Dana Young by seven points. Cruz, a Tampa native raised by a single mother who became a mother herself at sixteen, has a reputation as a fierce advocate for hardworking families in Hillsborough County and all of Florida.

Deliver created a robust mail program that focused heavily on the top issues in the district, specifically Young’s support of massive cuts to public schools – with Hillsborough County Public Schools reeling from broken air conditioners and lead-tainted water, Young’s slashing of school budgets carried particular weight. Our team also pushed messages regarding Young using her legislative votes to enrich her family and her failure to support gun safety reforms. All of these cut a clear contrast with Cruz’s commitment to raising teacher pay, protecting taxpayers and keeping Hillsborough families safe.

In the most expensive state Senate race in Florida history, and despite getting outspent by $2 million, Cruz emerged victorious with 50.1% of the vote.